History of Paper-Jet

Paper-Jet ® is a special department of Salotech International B.V. From the very beginning Salotech International B.V., is a company specialized in designing and manufacturing nozzles used with high pressure water jets. (www.salotech.nl) We work with pressures up to 4000 Bar and we have experience in all kinds of industries. This makes Salotech International B.V. the ideal partner for all kinds of water jetting applications.
Because of our know-how on the topic of water spray technique, Salotech has been approached by the pulp and paper industry and asked to supply paper mill nozzles with ruby insert. After a certain period of development, we successfully launched various models of paper nozzles.
Because the paper industry is really different from the high pressure water jetting industry for industrial cleaning, we decided to split the paper mill nozzles from the other activities of Salotech and give them their own brand name: Paper-Jet ® . Paper-Jet ® stands for quality, service and a smooth paper production process, the ultimate combination of paper and water jetting. Our nozzles are applied in new paper machines and are used all over the world.

Paper-Jet ® started on a small scale with just a few different models of paper nozzles.
Nowadays we offer a complete range of paper nozzles for various applications in the pulp and paper industry, like cutting and trimming. Our customers can be found in countries all over the world. Besides our standard range of products, we are also able to supply custom made models on request. In the future, Paper-Jet will continue developing new nozzles for the pulp & paper industry