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Paper-Jet, cutting right on the edge

Paper-Jet ® , the new productline of Salotech International B.V., delivers a new series of nozzles for the paper industry. Salotech International B.V., specialized in designing, manufacturing and improving nozzles, invested her knowledge and effort in creating this new productline, in the highest possible quality, specially for the paper industry.

Next to this standard range of high quality nozzles we produce custom made nozzles on request, to seamlessly fit your needs.

We supply nozzles for cutting, trimming and other applications, manufactured according to the latest quality standards of the paper industry and water jetting industry. Only high quality materials like ruby, sapphire, tungsten carbide and synthetically mono crystal diamond are applied in the Paper-Jet nozzles.

Our sales and engineering departments are looking forward to your enquiries. Please feel free to contact us at .